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The main aim of the Trefoil Guild is to support Guiding UK and the Community, as well as to provide friendship, fun and activities for its members.

  • Membership is open to anyone over 18 years, with no upper age limit, who has been a member of Girlguiding UK, or the Scout Association.
  • Associate membership is for anyone who holds an Appointment in Girlguiding or the Scout Association.
  • Affiliate member is for anyone who has not made the Guide or Scout Promise, but who subscribes to the aims and principles of the two Associations.

The Trefoil Guild has its own Constitution and Council, is financially independent, is a national Registered Charity, with its own Office in Girlguiding Commonwealth Headquarters in London.

There are 9 Trefoil Guild Administrative Regions within the British Isles, each having its own Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activity Advisors, who form the Executive Committee.

Each County within the Region, and Guild within the County, follow the same format.

In Witshire South there are 6 local Guilds with an approximate total membership of 120.

  • Mid Wilts Guild is based in Devizes, covering Devizes, Melksham and the surrounding villages.
  • Sarum Guild (oldest in the County) covering Salisbury and the surrounding area.
  • Trefs on Tour encompassing mainly leaders and active members of Girlguiding based in the Devizes area.
  • Warminster and Westbury Guild is based in Warminster and covers the towns and surrounding villages.
  • West Wilts Guild meet in Trowbridge and cover Trowbridge and the surrounding villages.
  • Wiltshire Wide Guild encompassing mainly members who are still involved with Guiding and for various reasons are not able to attend regular Guild meetings.

Local Guild Meetings are usually held on a monthly basis, with speakers or activities, interspersed with County, Region and National events, ie Annual Meetings, special events and holidays.

Further Information

For further information contact:

Mrs Pauline Hodder

County Chairman

Mrs Rosemary Douce County Secretary

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