Members with Disabilities

Girlguiding UK welcomes those whose mental or physical disabilities limit their activities but not their hopes and achievements. The Guide Association's programme of activities is sufficiently flexible for most girls and young women of any ability to participate. Unit leaders are encouraged to seek help from their local Commissioner and their County Adviser for Members with Disabilities. The Adviser has knowledge and experience of the needs of people with disabilities and is available to provide practical help. (GGUK Policy Statement)

Girlguiding Wiltshire South's Advisers for Members with Disabilities is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 01980 654883.

There is a new resource; "Including All; Disabilities"

When girls join Girlguiding UK, their parents/guardians complete a Form entitled "Starting Rainbows/Brownies/Guides/Senior Section". This enables parents/guardians to inform the Leaders of any "special needs" their daughter has. This, in turn enables the new members to be included in as much of the flexible programme as possible. It also enables access issues to be addressed as well as care needs, if appropriate. Girlguiding UK is an inclusive organisation which cares for the individual, and this is what we aim to do within Girlguiding Wiltshire South.

Every year, at Census time, Leaders are required to complete a "Medical Conditions Form", to record any medical conditions and disabilities of their members, both girls and adults. This is to give an overall picture of the needs of the membership, and whether help is needed from the Advisers.

It is vitally important that Care/Management Plans are in place for those members who suffer from asthma and require inhalers regularly. Care Plans and understanding of the conditions, are vital for those leaders who have members who have diabetes, epilepsy and extreme allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). All those who wish to join, are welcomed, but it helps the leaders to know in advance of new members with hearing, visual, physical and learning difficulties. Proper provision, to make the new member welcome & part of the group, is our aim in Girlguiding Wiltshire South.

All Leaders are trained in "First Response/First Aid", every three years. Sometimes extra training is provided for leaders where there is a member with a specific, special need, and extra help is required.

For more help and information contact the County Advisers named above, or go to the Girlguiding UK web site.