First Response

First Response Courses

All adult leaders need to hold a current first aid qualification. This can either be a recognised first aid certificate from an approved training organisation or the Girlguiding's First Response Course.  Full details can be found here: First Response

Whichever qualification you hold it needs to be reassessed every three years.

Region now offer First Response Courses virtually; to book your place on one of these sessions please refer to the Region website:

This will need to be followed up with an e-learning, found on the Girlguiding Learning Platform, which can be completed before or after the course, then a 15min practical course. 

New Leaders

If you are undertaking your adult leadership course you will need First Response before you can complete this qualification. Please apply early, otherwise you may find you are delayed finishing your leadership qualification due to a wait for First Response.

Practical Courses

Watch this space for the next available opportunity

Other Qualifications or Experience

If you hold equivalent first aid qualifications from other organisations it may not be necessary for you to undergo First Response. This may also be the case if you work in a profession where you are regularly assessed on resuscitation and basic life support skills. If you think this may be the case please contact your Division Commissioners

Other First Aid Training

It is sometimes possible to arrange first aid sessions for Senior Section who are undertaking Duke of Edinburgh Courses please e-mail the First Aid Advisor, via the County Commissioners.


Resusci-Annes are available to borrow from Berwick. Please contact the First Aid Advisor if you wish to borrow these. Please do not just take them. They may have been promised to someone else or may be required for a First Response Course at Berwick. Just imagine turning up to teach a course only to find the Annie's are missing!! A phone call or e-mail is all that I ask.