Safe Space

It is the policy of Girlguiding UK to safeguard its members from physical, sexual and emotional harm while participating in guiding activities, both in the meeting place and out and about. GGUK takes all reasonable steps to ensure that, through relevant procedures (CRB) and training (LQ), children, young people and adults taking part in guiding activities do so in a safe environment.

All new leaders are issued with a small "Safe From Harm" reference 3-fold leaflet, which explains appropriate/inappropriate behaviour & attitudes, as well as whet to do if there are concerns relating to the safety of members. If you can't find yours, these leaflets are available from your District Commissioner. If she has not got any spare copies, they are available from the County Commissioner.

There are many more hints on keeping our membership safe, on the Girlguiding UK web-site, as well as in current publications available from Trading.

Further details available on the Girlguiding website > Members' area & Go! > Running your unit > Safety (login required).

Safety at Meetings

All new Leaders have a section within their LQ booklet to help them check out the safety of the meeting place.

Please check inside your Venue for;

  • Clear Access
  • Adequate space for activities
  • Security
  • Fire/ Emergency procedures
  • Sufficient heating/ ventilation
  • Possible damage to facilities
  • Adequate equipment, in good order
  • Hazards, such as uneven surfaces, obstructions, stacked chairs
  • Other venue users

Please check outside your venue for;

  • Suitable, clear boundaries
  • Traffic/parking
  • Weather/water
  • Animals

Girlguiding Wiltshire South wants its members to have fun, enjoy adventurous activities and to learn new skills and games within a safe environment.

All Unit Leaders should have an Accident Form with them at meetings and when out and about. If they are needed, they should be filled in promptly, sent off as indicated on them, and a replacement requested from the local Commissioner or the Girlguiding UK web- site. The County keeps a stock at Berwick!!

All Leaders should have a small plastic card with Insurance details on it. All members of Girlguiding UK are insured by AON.

Handling Complaints and Difficult Issues

At all levels, leaders within Girlguiding Wiltshire South are encouraged to;

  • Listen to all parties and remain impartial
  • Empathise and engage
  • Apologise, ask questions, act, as appropriate
  • Resolve, react
  • Notify the local Commissioner, & take notes

The three Rs for Handling Complaints;


(perhaps you can think of many more)

It is important to know that when there are issues, you are not alone. ALWAYS consult with & share with your local Commissioner.

For more information about "Safe From Harm" issues, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For support when the going gets tough, your local Commissioner is there for you.

Further advice is available in the Guiding Manual.