Awards at County Level

Do you know of someone in your District, Division or within the County, who is special, and who you feel deserves special recognition for what they do in Guiding? If there is someone who matches these criteria, have you thought about applying for a Guiding award for them?

There are a number of different awards that you could consider, that are awarded at County level. These are an excellent way to say "thank you" and "well done"! They are;

Thanks Badge

Thanks Badge

The Thanks badge (either a brooch or a lapel pin) is given to either a member or non-member of Girlguiding UK as a sign of appreciation for their support.

Any member of Girlguiding UK may present a Thanks Badge after discussion with a Leader or Commissioner.

A Thanks Badge may only be given to a member of the Trefoil Guild if they have given service specifically to Girlguiding UK.

Following this could you please put - When a Thanks Badge is presented the Assistant County Commissioner and the Chairman of the Awards Committee should be informed of the presentation - County records can then be updated.

Good Service Brooch

Good Service Brooch

The County Commissioner presents the Good Service Brooch to a member (in uniform & up to her 65th birthday) for excellent service to Guiding. The nominee must hold a current appointment card or have completed an appointment no more than 6 months before the application is made.

During 2008, Judith Fardell, Pat Singer, Jean Jane and Elaine Harrison were presented with Good service Awards. Congratulations to them all.

Girlguiding Wiltshire South's Award - The "Butterfly" Award

County Butterfly Award


The ‘Butterfly" Certificate and Brooch can be awarded to any adult, over the age of 18, to recognize and acknowledge the important contribution they have given to Girlguiding Wiltshire South.  It is an award for Leaders, helpers and supporters who have given, at any level, exemplary service and commitment.


  1. All applications must be made without the knowledge of the nominee,
  2. The Award may be made to any adult, male or female, over the age of eighteen years. Eligibility is open to all, Trefoil Guild members, Friends of Guiding, and people outside the Movement. There is no upper age limit.
  3. Any member of Girlguiding Wiltshire South or the Trefoil Guild may make a nomination.
  4. Application should be made on the appropriate form by a nominator and a seconder who should both write supporting typed letters. The relevant Division Commissioner or the County Chairman of the Trefoil Guild, as appropriate, must also support the nomination.
  5. The award should not be considered a ‘retirement gift’
  6. Applications will be put before the Wiltshire South Awards Committee whose decision will be final.
  7. Exceptionally this award may also be presented at the discretion of the County/Assistant County Commissioner recognizing that, in certain circumstances there may not be the appropriate time to follow the procedures above. Where possible the County/Assistant County Commissioner should consult with another member of the Awards Committee.
  8. Presentation of the Award will, whenever possible be made by the County Commissioner, or her nominated representative, on some suitable occasion, in consultation with the appropriate Commissioner.

Administrative Procedures

  1. Application forms are available from the County/Assistant County Commissioner and the Chairman of the Awards Committee.
  2. All applications must be accompanied by two typed letters in support of the nomination and signed by the Division or County/Assistant County Commissioner.
  3. Such letters of support should be signed and dated with the writer’s status or appointment clearly indicated. It is the responsibility of the Division Commissioner or County Chairman of the Trefoil Guild to ensure that all letters are clearly legible.
  4. Completed applications with letters should be sent to the Chairman of Wiltshire South’s Award Committee.
  5. Applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.
  6. The Division Commissioner who signed the nomination form will be informed of the decision of the Awards committee after the meeting at which the application was considered.
  7. Unsuccessful applications will be destroyed but a record of successful applications will be kept.

Long Service Awards

Long Service 30 Years

"Girlguiding UK wishes to recognise everyone's contribution to guiding, and in particular those who carry out specific roles. Any member, irrespective of role, gender, or age, is eligible for a Long Service Award. Service will be counted from the date the individual becomes a member and actively carries out a role for five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years (not necessarily consecutively). The brooches may be worn on the badge tab or on non- guiding clothing"
(Source; Guiding Manual 2009)

With the advent of "GO" (project streamline), individuals have the responsibility to ensure that their length of service is recorded accurately on the data base. Girlguiding Wiltshire South will endeavour to reward and award members who become eligible for Long Service Awards, when the time arrives. This will be made easier when "GO" is live. It would also help if the individual notifies her local Commissioner of her impending eligibility.

Long Service Certificates for recognised volunteers

"Long Service certificates are available for guiding supporters who are not necessarily members - Unit Helpers, Secretaries, Treasurers, Advisers and so on. There are certificates for five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty and fifty years of service. They are signed and awarded by the Unit Leader or a Commissioner"
(Source; Guiding Manual 2009)